Letter From the Editor

March 2019

Welcome to the March 2019 edition of our Updates for the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology: Side-Effect Management for Hematologic Malignancies newsletter. This month, we highlight emerging clinical trial data in lymphoma and the associated side-effect profiles, as well as early phase data on a potential new therapeutic target for graft-vs-host disease resulting from bone marrow transplant.

We also explore data on shorter-duration prophylactic cryotherapy to prevent post–stem cell transplant oral mucositis, the incidence of acute kidney injury in patients receiving systemic chemotherapy—including those with myeloma and leukemia—and a new grading scale for CAR T-cell therapy–associated side effects. Additionally, we spotlight a case study of rituximab-associated gastrointestinal perforation in mantle cell lymphoma and best practices for managing adverse events among patients on bosutinib.

And don’t forget: Our enduring resources, including my case-based roundtable discussion with three expert colleagues on the “Management of Adverse Events of Therapy in Hematologic Malignancies”, are always available to you online.

I hope all of these news and research highlights and resources equip you with new tools and best practices for managing the various side effects of therapy for hematologic malignancies. Feel free to share this newsletter with your colleagues. You can also contact me with comments or suggestions at any time through the JADPRO editors at editor@advancedpractitioner.com.

Allyson Price, MPAS, PA-C

Physician Assistant, Department of Leukemia

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

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